Insurance Services

Insurance Services

We offer both personal and commercial lines of insurance to protect you, your home, people and things you love, as well as your business.

Personal Lines of Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance

Not every home is the same. The same goes for your homeowner’s policy. We’ll help you personalize your insurance policy to address your wants and needs.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s Insurance

Your landlord’s policy only covers the structure, not your belongings. Whether it’s required or desired, renter’s insurance is a great way to protect your stuff.

Automobile Insurance

Auto insurance isn’t just about protecting your vehicle. Medical costs related to an accident can add up quickly.

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Florida has the most boats of any state in the USA. Not all of them are operated by seasoned captains.

Golf cart insurance

Golf cart/ATV

Just as with kids, toys for adults tend to get more expensive as the years go on. Making sure they’re covered is important, especially for personal liability if you have an umbrella.

Motorcycle Insurance

There’s a reason the “Watch out for motorcycles” bumper stickers are so popular. Talk to anyone that rides a motorcycle and they’re sure to have a story to share. Contact us to get a quote or review your existing policy.

RV Insurance


RVs are different than cars, which is why they require their own unique set of coverages in addition to those applicable to cars.

Flood Insurance


Interesting fact: all of Florida is located in a flood zone. If you’ve lived in Florida during the summer, you know that you can depend on two things during that time: lots of hot weather and lots of rain.

Jewelry & Collectibles Insurance

Jewelry/Fine Arts/Collectibles

A picture is worth a thousand words. If that Picasso isn’t scheduled on your policy, however, you’re unlikely to get more than a couple thousand dollars for it. The same goes for jewelry, furs and other collectibles.


Umbrella Policy

Every policy has its limits. An umbrella is a great way to extend those limits and protect your assets when accidents happen.

Special Events

Special Events

Whether it’s a wedding, a large celebration or a company event, special event coverage can help make sure you enjoy that special day with the peace of mind that comes with
protecting yourself from financial loss should you be held liable for damages or injury that occurs as a result of the event.

Commercial & Business Insurance

Business owners have a lot to protect, whether it’s workers compensation for their employees, general liability for their business or business auto for their vehicles. And it doesn’t stop there – many businesses own a building, require professional liability or have valuable equipment to protect. We’re here to help with a large variety of companies and products to choose from and an agent to help you through the process.